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Chriatian gatherings

The idea of a conference “Christian gatherings“ came from a few individuals who wanted to provide an opportunity for reunion to all those who once lived together in therapeutic communities during their rehabilitation programme. It all started back in 2007, and since then this small desire and enthusiasm has grown into much more and the event now gathers a large number of participants who recognized the importance of these gatherings. It became clear that the idea of organizing a gathering of this kind will only grow and will greatly benefit recovered drug users. Because this is a Christian conference,participants are generally those who have found a way out of addiction through Christian worldview, but often a lot of professionals from the addiction and recovery field as well as young people attend and find the conference interesting and inspiring.

Taking into account that resocialization is the final and crucial phase of the recovery process, the conference has become an irreplaceable platform for sharing experiences, encouraging progress and building networking. The goal of the conference is to provide encouragement to individuals to endure life problems, to maintain a healthy way of new Christian life, and to successfully integrate into society.

Through Christian Gatherings, many individuals and groups have felt encouraged to initiate activities with people who abuse drugs in their local communities. With this the contribution of the conference in the global fight against drug addiction has become more significant.

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