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Association Celebrate Recovery

Our Mission and Vision

The Association for the Resocialization of Former Addicts Celebrate Recovery is a NGO founded in 2008 by recovered users who identified problems related to resocialization and the addiction problem in general and started the organization based on their lived experience.

Our mission is to show that recovery is possible and motivate people with addiction to seek help by sharing the testimonials and positive examples of fulfilled lives of recovered users, as well as to provide support for resocialization and social inclusion to those who have completed treatment. Furthermore, Celebrate Recovery aims to raise public awareness about the harmful effects of drug use and the importance of treatment and recovery.

Our visionis to provide comprehensive and directed conditions to every individual addicted to drugs to successfully recover, reintegrate back into the community as a productive member, and with examples of quality of life and personal responsibility contribute to elimination of stigma- once an addict, always an addict.




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Main activities

Recovered users have a voice on national and international arenas in charge of creating drug policy. The expert knowledge of organisations working in drug addiction field can largely contribute to positive change in attitudes in this field, and in the end resulting in increses numbers of recovered users… Read more

Year after year, recovered users in Sarajevo are finding strength for progress and for new drug-free lives. A unique conference that gathers people from the region every year since 2007, especially those who have by adopting a Christian worldview, overcome addiction, integrated back to society as equal citizens who enjoy their rights…Read more

Started as a pilot project back in 2015. year Successful implementation and innovative approach to the marginalized population of people who use drugs, was the main reason for the project to continue and will continuously be implemented until the end of 2022.
Read more

Looking for help


If someone you care about becomes addicted to drugs, it can also bring a great deal of disappointment. Lack of knowledge around addiction can make you take wrong steps and might aggravate an already bad situation. Addiction is a problem that affects not only an individual, but also the whole family and community in general. Therefore, it is very important to engage whole family in the recovery process. Do not fall into a trap of closing your eyes to the problem because then it can only become worse. Drug abuse is a dangerous disease that often can lead to death. The first step is always finding strength to face the problem and seek help.

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