In the entire process of an addict’s recovery, re-socialization is the last step towards the final re-integration of former drug addicts into society. It is a very important segment to the overall recovery process, which leads to a complete cure. We believe that individualized care for each individual will result in a successful re-socialization. Furthermore, this is something that we can testify to with our own lives.

The Celebrate Recovery Club

The Celebrate Recovery Club is consisted of former addicts who have become involved in the re-socialization process of the Celebrate Recovery Association. One of the activities is a support group for ex-addicts which is held every Tuesday at the premises of the association. In these groups former addicts share their problems and the new experiences that they are facing. In this way they give each other support and encouragement. The aim of these groups is that those abstainers will continue to build their lives on the positive values. This, along with completion of rehabilitation, is a main key to help them stay away from any kind of further addiction. We are well-aware of the fact that many people after completing the rehabilitation program are left to themselves and are not given the necessary help that they need. Because of this, they often feel helpless and useless to the society that they have been transitioned into. Therefore, we would like to say this to all former drug addicts: When you finish a program in a therapeutic community or establish the abstinence in any other way that is not the end of your journey to freedom. Things learned in therapeutic communities must be practiced afterwards in everyday life as the ex-addict adapts to new circumstances. A man always has the right to choose, and we want these groups of people to truly focus and to choose what is best, and that is a LIFE free from drug addiction.

Education / Employment

Finding employment is one of the most important if not crucial segments of successful re-socialization. When searching for employment, however, former addicts face several problems. Some of these problems include insufficient information about the ways to apply for the vacant position and the lack of education. We also send incentives to potential employers who would consider hiring these marginalized groups. The benefit of this is twofold: employers receive the grateful workers, and former addicts are given an opportunity that helps them gain independence. Likewise, we know that this financial independence is very important for their ultimate success. From our experience we have found that many people who have struggled with an addiction have not completed school. In order to assist them to better overcome these problems, we have signed a contract with the Ministry of Education. Through this contract they become beneficiaries of our program for re-socialization which offers free additional education or retraining. We organize courses in foreign language, business skills and computer work with some of our partners in order to enable the ex-addicts to have a better chance to gain employment.