Recovering Life

The scourge of addiction does not only affect the addicted individual but also has an expanding adverse impact on the entire family. Helping family members know how to better cope with this problem is a very important factor in the recovery process. For this reason, we started a project called “Recovering Life” that is intended for families of addicts who are in rehabilitation process and living in therapeutic communities.

The project consists of providing psychosocial support, both psychologically and financially, to families affected by addiction. Through home visits and conversations, we try to encourage and prepare the addict’s family members to accept the addict in a healthy way as he has completes the rehabilitation process. This is all, in order to, successfully re-socialize former drug addicts and bring about their complete recovery..

This project involves painting, arranging and repairing living spaces. Material assistance in the form of food and hygiene is also provided in conjugation with home visits and conversations with the addicts’ families.