Outreach program

Meetings on the premises of the Institute of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse for Sarajevo Canton at the department for detoxification..

Detoxification is a term that means the cleansing the body of a substance. This is the first and basic step in the process of drug addict’s recovery, but it is usually insufficient for a full recovery. The Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse here in the Sarajevo Canton currently offers this method to those who would like to recover. Through this program an addict spends a month in a closed ward specifically for detoxification, in which methadone is used to help to painlessly cleanse the body of psychoactive substances.

Volunteers of our association, who are former addicts themselves, go to the regular monthly meetings with these addicts who have been placed in the detoxification department. In cooperation with social workers and medical staff, they continue to encourage addicts to seek further treatment in therapeutic communities.

Meetings with the parents of addicts at the Institute of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse in the department for the distribution of methadone substitution..

The methadone maintenance program is now very successful in combating the damage caused by drug addiction. Unfortunately, addicts rarely recognize that their personal treatment can be a long process. It includes more than chemical treatment and should be continued in one of the “drug free” therapeutic communities.

Through educational meetings with family members of methadone addicts, we try to raise awareness about the necessity of taking the next step in the recovery process. We know that therapeutic communities are a key factor which would lead to a complete recovery from any kind of addiction.

Counseling center for family members

In order to have more comprehensive approach to solving the problem of addiction, we expanded our work with the families of addicts and formed a special advisory for parents of addicts who are being rehabilitated in therapeutic communities. The purpose of this advisory is to prepare the family members on acceptance of addicts after the treatment, and provide adequate support during and after treatment. Meetings are held once a month at the premises of the Association, ul Danijela Ozme 11/2.