Christian gatherings

The idea of “ Christian gatherings “came from a few guys who had the desire to see people again with whom they once lived for a time in the commune, during their period of rehabilitation. In March 2006 due to large number of responses from people, this small desire turned in to something much bigger. Then, it became clear that the idea of organizing of a meeting would be of great benefit to the former addicts. Because this is a Christian conference, people from the whole Balkan region, who gather at this event, are generally those who have experienced and now live out God’s love and grace. At the first event of this kind, 40 people gathered together, and that first year was really special. Even up into the present meetings continue to be held yearly, and the number of participants continues to grow year by year. This past year was the 8th year that the conference has been held and the number of the participants was the largest thus far. There were 180 people who came to exchange experiences, to encourage further development and to network. Through such events, many individuals come to the realization that they have a desire to start working with addicts in their local communities. This is a large part of what this conference does in the global fight against addiction. The aim of this type of gathering is that one is encouraged to endure all life’s problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since the foundation of true change and new life is faith in God, it is important to us to strengthen this segment and allow the participants to recognize the importance of fellowship and community through the learning of God’s Word.