In early 2016 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will convene a special session on the World Drug Problem (UNGASS 2016).

This special session offers a unique opportunity to evaluate and adjust drug control arrangements to ensure they reflect the original concern of the drug control conventions the ”health and welfare of mankind” despite the social, political and economic changes over the last half century.

This special session will be an important cornerstone for achieving the goals published in UN document in year 2009, and that advocates for integrated and balanced strategy in the fight against the world problem of drug abuse.

Civil society has its representative. Between the representatives from 27 states all around the world there is an organizations from our country ‘’Celebrate Recovery’’ represented by Boro Goić, a member representing vulnerable populations recovering addicts.

Participation in the UNGASS gives the opportunity to represent all civil society organizations and the recovered addicts and their rights.
There is really lack of services for people who have problems with addiction that lead to full recovery.

On the other hand, even when this services are available there is a very small support from the institutions to help that these people resocialize and fit into society as people who are now contributing to the community.

The problem of addiction is treated as incurable and we want to establish a balance and advocate for new policies that will, in their structures, have this principles.