Training workshop

Members of MARA network participated at the workshop ” The public policy / decision-making processes ” from 13th till 14th March organized by TACSO BiH.
There were representatives of non-governmental organizations and government institutions.
The training is designed as a dynamic and interactive learning tool that focuses on the goals of organizations, and their interconnection through appropriate practical examples.

The objectives of the training were to give a clear presentation of the cycle of decision-making (the policy process) and the role of NGOs in providing input for the development of policy, to offer practical skills, tools and techniques for improving the existing means used by non-governmental organizations when transmitting information on public policies and common make a few suggestions for public policy.

Non-governmental organizations play an increasingly important role in the formation of public policy in our society. Participating in a training workshop, we were able to strengthen our capabilities and acquire new skills and knowledge in order to be actively involved in this process.
Only cooperation between actors from different sectors can achieve the desired goal.