The Lounching of RUN on EFTC

This year’s fourteenth conference of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities, EFTC, was held in Prague on September 17th-21st. The conference, which attracted some hundred participants from all parts of the continent, saw interesting presentations from people who work in the field of addiction treatment on issue such as the future of therapeutic communities in this time of crisis, dual diagnoses and TC’s, etc. During the entire congress, there was a lot of discussion on the issue of standardization of the existing set of services and assortments of therapeutic communities. An important presentation was lounching of RUN (the Recovered Users Network), presented by Borislav Goic, the President of “Celebrate Recovery” and the RUN coordinator. He pointed out the role and importance of the value of recovered addicts as individuals who are deserving of our additional efforts, as well as the networking of organizations that advocate recovery as the best tool for curbing substance addiction. Such events are an excellent place and opportunity to present the current achievements of individual institutions or countries.