RUN in Warsaw

The study visit of the Recovered Users Network to Monar’s facility in Warsaw on July 13th, 2015, was successful, and it provided solid platform for constructive discussions, future planning steps and exchange of good practices.
During the visit representatives visited dual diagnosis rehab center , exchanged good practices and had lunch at Monar’s facility. After the lunch RUN members organized the meeting.
The participants of the meeting were representatives of Celebrate Recovery (BiH), San Patrignano (Italy), Restart (Serbia), RIO (Norway), University of Ghent (Belgium), Stijena (Croatia) and our hosts, Monar (Poland).
Boro Goić, chairman of the RUN, launched the meeting with brief presentation about the history of RUN and its vision and mission that includes grass-roots work and exerting impact on drug policies.
Moreover, Mr Goić pointed out that Recovery movement should have representatives on political level. One of possible ways to enhance political impact would be to participate in CND UNGASS preparatory session in Vienna 2016 and in UNGASS meeting later in 2016.
One of the presented ideas was that every country in Europe should have national RUN coordinator for members within that country.

Zoran Jelić (Stijena) mentioned that, through the work of EURAD and RUN, the term ”recovery” gained its political value since it has been mentioned at national-level strategies for drug combat (Croatian example), but also at the international level.

Kenneth Johansen (RIO, Norway) and Virginie Debaere (University of Ghent, Belgium) placed accent on producing relevant research (both of them are professionally and academically oriented in that direction), and are willing to work in this direction, since research is very important issue to address, considering evidence-based foundation of recovery movement and RUN as it’s platform.

Conclusion of the meeting was presented through specific points and next steps for RUN members, as well as actions to be taken in the near future.