RUN members meeting in Oslo

Meeting of members of RUN, was organized 5/26/2014. in Oslo, Norway. Meeting was attended by representatives of association Proslavi Oporavak, along with representatives of the associations from Croatia, Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden, Belgium, Italy and Norway, which together have shown great enthusiasm and productivity in expansion of RUN and promoting full recovery as sustainable option of treating addiction.

Fay Watson, General secretary of the umbrella organization EURAD from Brussels and vice president of the civil Forum on Drugs of the European Union has presented the history of RUN as well as the struggle to have recovery as an option of treating addiction for the first time included in the official strategy at EU level.

Eleanor Ryan Saha, as a future doctor of social anthropology at the University of Durham in England, presented anthropological research in which a considerable number of recovering addicts from all over Europe have participated.

Kenneth Arcander, a social worker and a representative of the Norwegian association Rio, who himself was once an addict and today is an example of recovery, in his presentation challenged the ideology of the definition of addiction as a chronic relapsing brain disease and pointed out irregularities in the application of substitution therapy in Norway and endangering human rights of addicts when testing for the presence of narcotics in the body.

The meeting ended by collective departure of the participants to the commune Fossum Kollektivitet which implements a unique model of involuntary treatment of adolescents who have developed problems with drugs. This model was presented to the members of RUN.