The problem of addiction is often linked to the period of puberty and adolescence. Life style during this period greatly influences on the behavior in later life. For this reason we believe that it is important to pay special attention to young people, in order to prevent addiction problems and lead to healthy life habits.

Celebrate Recovery is implementing another project. This is a project related to drug prevention, with special emphasis on peer education. The role that the peer educators have is multiple and more than significant.

What is prevention?

The term prevention relates to processes aiming at the prevention of adverse events. We distinguish between primary, secondary and tertiary. In our work, we put special emphasis on primary prevention, since it refers to the action before the existence of unwanted behaviors, in order to prevent them.

What is peer education?

Peer education is planned and guided process in which trained, motivated people organize various activities with their peers. In this way young people acquire the knowledge, attitudes, motivation and skills that will empower them to protect their health and to behave responsibly towards both themself and their environment. Also, in this way, young people are given the opportunity to participate in activities directly affecting them and to gain access to information and services they need.

Our association believes that the key to success is inclusion of differing groups of professionals who hold the workshop, former addicts who, by their example show that recovery is possible and peer educators who in their own unique way of acquired knowledge. In this way, a wider range of activities and transfer of information on healthy lifestyles.