Prevent, don’t Promote

Overcoming everyday challenges with creativity
Our Exhibition “Positive Examples Surround me!”, took place on 26 December 2017, in the premises of the Foundation Izvor. Young generations are key initiators of the change in society; and therefore we organized this exhibition to provide an opportunity to all students of elementary schools across Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to present their perspective to the public.
This exhibition was the final activity of our project „Prevent, don’t Promote!“ which has been realized with the support of the Federal Ministry of Education and Science. With this project, we wanted to encourage young people to develop critical thinking about the addiction problem. Through workshops and the competition for photo and visual art, young people had the opportunity to learn about positive lifestyles and the benefits they bring. Students have identified the positive and negative aspects of their everyday life, and the ways in which they can handle them.
Students portrayed positive examples they see in their environment and more than 200 paintings and drawings were displayed on this exhibition.
“We are pleased that through this project, we have reached the young population, who belong to a high risk group and it is vital to provide better education about positive and healthy lifestyles. During these workshops we have seen that children are ready to learn and listen, and that positive approach is very important, and we tend to focus only on negative aspects, which is often very harmful. We are very surprised by the number of works we received, which speaks for itself about the striving of young people to express themselves creatively and find beautiful and inspirational things around themselves “-said Mulka Mujičić, Project Coordinator.
The importance of this project is reflected in the fact that 13 years is the age limit for early onset of drug use and that prevention is one of the most important processes that young people need to undergo to ensure a healthy and secure future. In this process, it is vital to provide the opportunity for them to show their knowledge and skills and demonstrate with their example that it is possible to overcome everyday challenges.