Political engagement

From year 2012. Association Proslavi Oporavak started being engaged at the political level. We are members of EURAD (Europe Against Drugs) – an umbrella organization located in Brusseles that is engaged in a global perspective to politics which support prevention and recovery from addiction. Through the president of Proslavi Oporavak, we are represented in the board of the same organization. EURAD is cofounder of RUN – Recovered Users Network, which was founded in order to give voice and promote rights of recovering addicts on practical and political level.

In year 2013. We became a part of Civil Society Forum on drugs at European Comission, where, with another 43 NGOs, we participate in creating the policies to prevent drug abuse at the EU level. We are the only organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina in this forum.

We are the members of the World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD), the Vienna NGO Committee (VNGOC), and we actively participate in all major world conferences on the topic of addiction and prevention of drug abuse, such as, UKESAD in London, WFAD in Stockholm, UNOCD – CND in Vienna, etc.

In our country, we collaborate with the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina within which The department for combating drug abuse operate, and with the Ministry of Civil Affairs / Department of Health, where we try to reach out to key players in creating new strategies that can be adopted for the period 2014-2017. Our goal is to be part of a strategy oriented more towards prevention and complete recovery from drug addiction in the way it is in the EU’s strategic plan 2014-2020 presented.