On the 3rd diplomatic bazaar Upcycle exhibited their works

Diplomatic Club Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is consisted of wives of ambassadors accredited in our country, organized the third one-day diplomatic winter bazaar. It was held in the house of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on eighth of December.
Twenty NGOs, twenty three embassies and more than twenty other exhibitors participated at the bazaar. Offers, through the embassy, included products of their countries, handicrafts – tumbling clothing, jewelry, as well as national delicacies, home trinkets and other exhibits. Upcycled women of Sarajevo are a group of women who are trying to change their lives for the better. They act within the association Proslavi Oporavak, and have had the opportunity to exhibit their handicraft works at this year’s bazaar. Their work is a metaphor for their recovery from addiction!