Learning more, for the sake of our children

Learning more, for the sake of our children

With our project “Learning more, for the sake of our children” we want to raise awareness of the problem -drug addiction among citizens of the Municipality Center Sarajevo, with special emphasis on parents, and develop communication skills and a good relationships aiming to prevent drug use. Target group of this project are parents of young people who are in secondary and primary schools in the Municipality of Centre, and we are cooperating with schools and parent councils to reach as many parents as possible. We wish to emphasize that all schools and parent councils of schools in the municipality expressed its interest and need for these kind of projects.
Through our work and contacts with parents, teachers and educators, we realized the need to expand the target group and include parents. Specifically, we have recognized that the major problem is that parents are not sufficiently informed about drug addiction and the types of addiction, as well as the harmful effects of certain drugs. Parents are last one to realize that their child is experimenting with drugs and / or has become addicted.
As part of the project, during the month of October, we will organized workshops and lectures for parents, which will be held in our Association, Daniel Ozme 11.
We would like to invite all parents who want to learn more information and attend workshops, to contact school principals, parent councils or contact us at 201-761.

Together for a better position of youth and families

Our project “Together for a better position of youth and families” is supported by the City of East Sarajevo, and as one of the activities we visited Center for Mental Health Sokolac.

In order to improve the situation of individuals and families who are affected by drug addiction problems and support recovery services which help individuals to achieve long-term and sustainable abstinence, we signed the Form of agreement and cooperation with the Centre. Cooperation will be reflected in the development and maintenance of motivational individual and group meetings with addicts and their families, as well as activities in the area of addiction prevention.

Center for Mental Health Sokolac is one of four centers from Republic of Srpska which provides opiate substitution therapy. Their work is supported by UNDP, which is financed by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. They currently have 32 individuals on therapy coming from the wider area of RS, and therefore we have found a common goal in terms of providing services which will help individuals on their road to recovery from addiction.

Proslavi Oporavak has recognized that in rural areas stigma around drug addiction makes it harder for people to come forward and seek help and we will direct our future activities in those areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina to address these severe problems.