EURAD initiated RUN (Recovered User's Network)

On 3rd-4th May 2013 Proslavi Oporavak representatives attended and participated in a meeting to establish the framework for a Recovered Users Network (RUN) within EURAD. The meeting was held in Zadar, Croatia and Celebrate Recovery took the lead in organizing it. The aim of the meeting was to develop RUN and to make plans for the immediate future of this network. The meeting was a great success, and we are very optimistic about the future of RUN and the huge potential for success that this network has. The vision of RUN will be to raise the voice of the recovery movement, by contributing to constructive and respectful drug policies, for individuals, families and communities. The mission of RUN is to be a network which provides a voice for recovered drug users to promote and share experience of recovery, on both the political and practical level. Celebrate Recovery will be a member of the RUN advisory group. For more information about the RUN network or for inquiries about joining the network, please contact us at or contact RUN directly at