Drug Prevention

Drug Prevention

The project, titled ”Do not let yourself be cooked ” was successfully implemented with a final activity, workshops with high school students of Center Municipality. The project was funded by the municipality Center.

We were delighted to hear the thoughts of young people related to subject of addiction and their discusion with workshop moderators. Moderators were Ermina Asotić, an employee of Institute for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Sanela Pekić educator in association Link and employee JU Kampus, Boro Goić, President of Celebrate Recovery and Maja Stapic, project coordinator in Celebration Recovery.

The workshop was divided into thematic sections, in order to put the focus on the reality of the situation which we are surrounded by, and also the theoretical framework that is necessary to know, in order to understand the addiction completely.

During the first day of the workshop, we talked about making decisions and the consequences thereof, as well as the needs as internal motivators of our behavior and ultimately finished examining the possibilities of recovery, but also personal example demonstrated the consequences of poor decision-making and the difficult process of leaving the addiction problem. Heading the emphasis was on understanding of freedom and gain insight into the real value of life.

During the second day of the workshop we put aspiration on show addictive behavior what it is. First, watching the film that represents this problem from the very beginning till the end. After that Ermina Asotić gave insight into the situation that is currently present in our country when it comes to addiction, especially when it comes to adolescents.

Since the project aims for students to transfer their knowledge and further, how their peers and the wider region, the final theme of the workshop was related to peer education as the most common way of transferring information among young people.

This mode has proven to be more than useful. In one place we heared the experiences of young people and their ways of dealing with the pressure from the environment but also the experts in this field who have shared with us their knowledge and experience.