What is a donation and why donate?

A donation is some type of giving to support a cause. A donation has different forms, including financial support, food assistance, placement, new or used items, etc. Most organizations which deal with issues of addiction are constantly searching for means to secure their basic operational costs, and additional expenses which are related to individual programming. All activities within the association have their specific costs.

When someone brings up the topic of donating, we tend to think about the large amounts of money or great sacrifice. Even the smallest help is appreciated. We do not want to encourage anyone to give if it does not bring any joy. Some organizations manage to survive month by month due to membership fees. We would like you to consider participating in something that we consider valuable. While it might involve sacrifice on your part, we would challenge you to think about it seriously and ask that you give from your heart.

Become a contributor !

  • If you recognize the importance of our work and are willing to donate, please contact us.
  • If you want to pay cash, you can make payments through this bank account:
  • In local currency: 1401010021147973
  • In foreign currency: IBAN: BA391404011200152947 S.W.I.F.T.: SABRBA22
  • SBERBANK BH, Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1, 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

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