Devalopment of cooperation in the Republic of Srpska

From the beginning of February 2017 our activities were directed towards establishment of cooperation with actors who have important roles in communities across municipalities which include: Sokolac, as well as other five municipalities of the City East Sarajevo, Vlasenica, Han Pijesak, Milići i Zvornik.
We hosted four multi-sector meetings and participants included representatives of police department, juridical system, health and mental health institutions, centers for social welfare, schools and media.
Our aim was to initiate dialog which will lead to improved delivery of services in these rural areas, which could also highly benefit from our helpline and counseling center.
One session of the meetings was dedicated to examples of good practices, and our partners from Center for mental health Sokolac, and psychologist Suzana Todorović and social worker Ranka Samardžija presented our joint initiative and establishment of motivational support group for OST clients. Through the group meetings, clients had opportunity to learn more about residential rehabilitation centers and different pathways to full recovery from addiction. They highlighted the importance support after the rehabilitation as well as the of continuity of care and re-socialization