CR become member of WFAD

NGO Celebrate Recovery become WFAD affiliate In order to create a stronger network within the European actions to support the fight against addiction, we have become members of the World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD).

Work of WFAD’s is built on the principles of universal communion and basic human and democratic rights. Through its work, WFAD proves that society has the right to factual information about the risks and harm caused by drug use. All people have the right to be protected from harm caused by drug use. Drug addicts have a right to an expectation of life without drugs and have the opportunity to have a productive and happy life.

They are the initiators of one of the largest and most respected international conference that is held every two years in Stockholm (Sweden).

NGO Proslavi Oporavak, with its share in the leading networks that promote a life without addiction, strives to contribute to the elimination of the stigma that addiction is an incurable, and thereby support the development of policies that contribute in changing awareness in the general population, but also among those who create action plans to combat addiction .