CND News

CND News
Recovery Models:Organized by the Turkish Green Crescent Society, the Recovered Users Network- RUN and the Christian Center for Help and Rehabilitation of Addicts and their Families “Stijena”. The event was a way of presenting different models of recovery which are available to individuals starting Recovery process.
EURAD, Proslavi Oporavak and RUN, organized an exhibition in Vienna International Centre (VIC) entitled“Recovery can, will and does happen!”.This exhibition was co-sponsored by 11 members of Recovered Users Network and EURAD affiliates. The exhibition brought together 7 posters describing the way Recovery improves lives of individuals, families and communities.
Roads to Recovery: Organized by the Government of the United States, UNODC, WHO and the Civil Society Task Force . The speakers included Mr Yury Fedotov Executive Director of UNODC, Michael Botticelli -White House, Vladimir Poznyak – WHO and President of Proslavi Oporavak, Boro Goic who presented the overall final results of the Global Civil Society Consultations. The event aimed to highlight quality standards for the treatment of drug use disorders and importance of recovery oriented drug policies.
CND 2016
The fifty-ninth session of the CND took place from 14th to 22nd March 2016 in Vienna, Austria. The CND meets each year to discuss the global state of drug control and adopt resolutions to guide the way forward. This year’s Commission of Narcotic Drugs was particularly important as it was the final meeting before the UNGASS, which will take place from 19-21st April 2016. This year, at least 19 representatives from EURADs member organisations attended the CND in Vienna.
Proslavi Oporavak and RUN -Recovered Users Network organised a series of side events in collaboration with partners, affiliates and member states within the official programme.
Briefing by the Civil Society Task Force for UNGASS 2016: Boro Goić, President of Proslavi Oporavak and Chair of RUN presented the outcomes of the Global Civil Society Consultations on Recovery and Recovered Users, which Proslavi Oporavak and RUN had been responsible for. The consultations included the views of over 152 representatives of Recovery organisations from 35 countries.
Families and Drugs:San Patrignano, EURAD, Proslavi Oporavak, RUN, UNICRI and WFAD. organized a side event on Families and Drugs. The speakers highlighted the serious impact of drug use for families and close friends and emphasized the need for families to get support and be involved. The event was moderated by President of Proslavi Oporavak, Boro Goic.