CND News 2017

The 60th sessions of the Commission on Narcotics Drugs (CND), UNODC, was held in Vienna between 13-17 March, with the largest number of participants attending. As much as 1600 delegates, member of the UN and civil society attended the plenary sessions, contributed to development of new bilateral relations, and the presentation of examples of good practices from around the world during many side events.

Celebrate Recovery, as the only civil society organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, has again actively participated in the process, through the participation of our representatives in the side events, various meetings and arrangements for bigger involvement of civil society in UN work.

One of our main activities was organisation of the second Recovery campaign. Celebrate Recovery with twelve member organizations of the Recovered Users Network (RUN) has organized an exhibition e.g. permanent display which showed photos of people in recovery in their communities around the world in which they live, work and contribute. The exhibition aimed at greater advocacy and visibility of recovery as a sustainable option in reducing drug abuse, and as such proved to be very useful and successful because many of the participants expressed interest and respect.