Our mission and vision

The mission of the “Celebrate Recovery” is that recovered addicts with their positive example of living witness that recovery is possible, and to motivate addicts to seek help, as well as to provide support in re-socialization process and inclusion in society for people who have finished the rehabilitation program. Celebrate Recovery deals with raising the awareness of the community about the harmful effects of drug abuse and the importance of drug treatment.

The vision of the “Celebrate Recovery” is to provide clear and focused conditions for all addicts to recover from addiction, and become involved in the community as productive members, and that their example of quality life and personal responsibility influence the removal of stigma – “once an addict, always an addict”.

Our values

The Celebrate Recovery is an organization based on the values of the Christianism. We believe that love and acceptance of man can make a difference in his behavior and character regardless of the stage of the dependance. In our work, we promote total recovery from drug addiction and believe that addiction is a treatable disease that should be approached in a multidisciplinary way, both from the medical side, as well as the sociological and spiritual.
One of the main goals is to help people find the way out of addiction. Through our own lifes, we are motivated to spread positive message that recovery is possible and influence the society to realize that addiction can be defeated. We want to help individuals to recover from addiction, but also to create better conditions in society for recovery, and to advocate for the rights and demarginalization of addicts .

We believe that our contribution in Bosnian society is unique because former addicts help present ones to tackle the addiction problem and become recovered, and those again, as recovered addicts help those who are in trouble (a circle of action). We also agree that by helping one person, we help to all the people in his close environment, whereby society and community this way become a better place to live. Aspect of our work is very wide, from assistance to drug addicts on the street to participation at the political level in designing strategy in the EU.