” Know, educate, take adventage-have tomorrow”

Project ” Know, educate, take adventage-have tomorrow” is supported by UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime).

In nine months, as the project itself lasts, will implement a number of activities, in Canton Sarajevo and East Sarajevo. In this way we want to grow stronger community in which we live. We think that is a very important factor in the development of healthy lifestyles, which is one of our goals.

Working with high school students we want to encourage young people to develop critical thinking and encourage decision-making. Through six cycles of workshops we will include 34 high school in this area, and through peer education, number of beneficiaries will be further increased.

The training will be led by trained staff and associates. We want to establish cooperation with the students and their parents, the parent’s council, as the importance of family in these problems is unquestionable. Also, we will include young people who have participated in previous projects of prevention, organized by our Association.

By developing a network of young people we want to connect high school students and young people from different countries, since the problem of drug abuse problem is a global problem, which certainly requires our attention.

During the period of project implementation there is a very important date, 26 th of June. World Drug Day . By organizing campaigns, and raising awareness of drug abuse we want to influence the public, pointing out the positive examples of those who were faced with this problem and overcome it.