When it comes to drug addiction, most people think of it as a chronic, relapsing disease that is difficult, if at all curable. Because of our own life experiences and examples we can claim that THERE IS A WAY OUT of it. Although the recovery process from addiction is neither simple nor easy, it is very much possible. By renunciation, faith, discipline and a decisive decision to turn from the old ways of life to new values, we have realized that recovery is possible.

Re-socialization is a general term for the procedures and processes that lead to socially desirable changes in attitudes, values ​​and behaviors of people whose socialization has not been successful. This difficulty with socialization is a common occurrence for people who have used drugs. In short, re-socialization entails assisting addicts with the everyday problems that they face after the rehabilitation process in order to help them to become functional and useful members of society. After completing the process of rehabilitation from addiction, the addict is faced with many problems, which if they are not adequately dealt with, often lead to relapse. Some of the main problems, among others, are the lack of “normal” society and the difficulty of finding employment. Therefore, it is very important to provide support to rehabilitated drug addicts and to prepare them adequately to deal with the various problems that await them.